The Top 10 Most Hindering, Training Mistakes You’re Committing To

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The Top 10 Most Hindering, Training Mistakes You’re Committing To

August 23, 2017 Training 2

Everyone makes mistakes in soccer. It’s just part of the game, part of your development and how you improve.





There are some crucial mistakes you are doing everyday that are hindering your progression. Most of them go unnoticed until you really zone in on them, identify them, and correct them. These training mistakes are done by even the professionals and the high-level athletes in the game, so it’s important you pick up on them now rather than later.


In the following text I will be unveiling the top 10 training mistakes soccer and how to correct them.


Not Using Your Weaker Foot

Ronaldo's "Weak" Foot

Ronaldo’s “Weak” Foot


I see so many players commit to this mistake every training session because they are nervous or even scared to strike a ball with their weaker foot. This is the most common blunder of all the training mistakes and arguably the most costly for your development. You need to use your weaker foot as much as your strong foot so that there are no imbalances as you progress. Don’t be hesitant to practice your weak foot, as that’s what practice is for and everyone has a starting point. For every repetition of a drill you do with your stronger foot, challenge yourself to perform the drill with your weaker foot. Being a two-footed player can bring enormous advantages to your game and give you multiple options in different scenarios.


Not Going 100%


When you are not going at your full capacity and giving it all of your effort. You are not only letting yourself down, but you are letting your team and the people around you down. By not giving it your all, you risk your development as a player because you are not going outside your comfort zone therefore, chances are,you will not improve. If you are always going through the motions and doing the drills sloppily with no effort on display, you might as well not show up to train. Give it your all every single training. Don’t be that guy that slacks off and never sees results because he/she is not pushing themselves enough. Train, and train hard.


You Don’t Defend


Maldini Tackling


Let me get something straight. EVERYONE is a defender on the pitch. It all starts from the strikers pressing the opponent’s back line to the goalie taking on the strikers 1v1. We all have a duty to defend in a game-scenario, so you really need to focus on practicing your defending in training and avoid doing the dirty work. Like many other training mistakes, this one is easily solved if you go in with the right mindset. Always look to win the ball back as quickly as you can for your team so that you can enjoy possession and show your attacking talent more often. Everyone defends as a unit!


Lack of Creativity


This training mistake is actually under looked in football. Many coaches and trainers will give a set of instructions and will look at players to follow their direction however it is not always possible to play the managers tactics and sometimes it is beneficial to find a creative way around the problem. Use your creativity to solve problems. Yes, keep in mind your coach’s expectations, but find a solution on your own terms. Be unpredictable on the pitch and impact the game using your instincts and your decisions based on the scenario. Don’t be a robot! Use your creativity.


You Don’t Warm-Up or Cool Down


Chelsea Warming Up


Out of all training mistakes, this error arguably the most significant one. Warming up and cooling down is crucial to perform before and after a training session. It is massively important you get the blood flowing and the stretching in to maximize muscle activation and promote injury prevention. Warming up can loosen the joints and ultimately prepared your body for what is to come. A day spent of the sidelines due to a preventable injury is a day not spent on your development so it’s massively important you warm up and cool down. Cooling down lowers that heart rate and reduces the build up of lactic acid. I will be doing some short videos on Youtube later this year on how to effectively warm-up and cool down. Super crucial!!


Neglect Your Weaknesses


This training mistake is similar to the problem of not using your left foot. In both cases, you are ignoring your weakness in that area of your game which then causes a lack of ability in those areas. Always identify what area of your game needs work. Once you have those weaknesses identified, don’t be afraid to practice them in the training scenario. The more work you put into perfecting these faults, the more chance you have to get them right in a game-scenario. Practice sessions are the perfect time to improve your weaknesses and really learn fro, your mistakes. Identify your weaknesses, and work to make them into your strengths.


You Dwell on Your Mistakes


Great save by the goalkeeper.


You should never focus in or dwell on your mistakes in training. It takes your focus away from the present moment, it brings your confidence down, and you don’r really learn from the mistake. Out of all training mistakes, this mistake takes away from your development the most. If you are always afraid to make mistakes you won’t take risks or try new things in order to learn from them. You choose the safe route instead of challenging yourself. Whenever you make a mistake in training do these 3 steps…

  1. Analyze the mistake…. what went wrong and why?
  2. Choose the right alternative, or identify the correct solution….learn from your mistakes.
  3. Move on, and focus on what you can do on the next play.

Don’t let previous mistakes take away your experimentation or your confidence on the pitch. Move on and focus on the next phase of play.


You’re Not Preparing


Many coaches tend to agree that preparation makes up at least 20% or more of your performance. Not getting proper sleep, not drinking enough water, or simply not visualizing performance the day before can minimize your performance. It is very important you are preparing for a simple training session as it were a game. You build healthy habits which translate and transfer into your life. Such simple preparation habits can be the difference between having a successful training session or having a decent training session that you felt had more to offer. I will be creating a separate blog post for optimal preparation in the near future, so stay tuned for that. Create a preparation routine or do simple, little preparation habits and it will maximize and refine your performance.


Staying Quiet


Communication. Such an underrated form of helping your team out. It always super important you are constantly communicating to your teammates. Simple phrases like “man on!” or “switch it!” can have a huge impact on the succession your team has. Communication keeps you engaged in the training session, and gives your teammates key information. Building communication and turning it into a habit is significant as it transfers into a game-like scenario, in which communication is crucial. No matter if you’re a striker, or a goalkeeper, everyone in the team should be actively communicating and helping each other out. Build that healthy habit in training, and it will stick with you in the long run.



That’s a wrap for the top 10 hindering, training mistakes you need to correct in order to reach the next level.

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  1. Nancy says:

    As I read your recent post I think that these recommendations can also be applied to a certain extent to anyone’s personal and/or professional life. I particularly like the one on neglecting your weaknesses. It would make a huge difference if we can think of the benefits of those weaknesses , i.e. “I am too quiet” could be seen as ” I am a thinker, I think things through, I will say something when it is really worth it”.
    Good read.

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