Bounce Back from a Poor Performance

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Bounce Back from a Poor Performance

October 9, 2017 Training 2

Poor Game.

Bad Training Session.

LackLustre Performances.

Don’t stress. Everyone has lackluster performances.

Even the best suffer and have dips in form. It’s natural, and you wouldn’t

be human if you’ve never had them.

The only thing that matters is how you react and how you pick yourself

up from these performances. A bad performance does not define you as

the player you are.


Bad Performances Are Guaranteed

Alexis Sanchez Frustrated


The best players in the game have off-games. It’s natural. You shouldn’t look at negative performances as a measure of how talented or how well you play. Truth is, negative performances help us athletes learn from our mistakes and correct them so that we can turn into better players.


It is important to not neglect a bad performance. We can’t simply ignore what went wrong or what caused the unusual performance. I always analyze my preparation, my mentality before and after the game, and the events that occurred throughout the game. Doing so, I can have a sense of what went wrong. Maybe I didn’t get proper sleep, maybe the team we played against was just too good, or perhaps I didn’t get much opportunities on the ball. Whatever it may be, look to correct it. If it’s something out of your control, look to correct your way of reacting to the variable.


It is never good to blame others for your negative performance. It is your responsibility to accept your performance as it was. Once you start to point fingers, you are not being accountable for your own game, therefore your development is hindered.


It’s natural to feel frustrated, angered, and disappointed in yourself after a poor performance. However it is super critical that you pick your mentality up and switch it into a more positive state going into your next session. You have to maintain trust in your abilities, stay focused, and go again.



Don’t Let Poor Performances Define You


Look at the game’s best players. At their best, they’re magical, unstoppable and it seems every single time they receive the ball, they perform the best possible action in that moment. They are in the zone. They are at their best.

But, they are human. They make mistakes as well. Not even Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo can have a perfect season. There are games where they invisible, where they don’t influence the game whatsoever. Yes, these games are rare but you have to wonder; how can a player of this magnitude and ability not have perfect games week in and week out? You see, even after a poor performance, Ronaldo and Messi’s reputation don’t falter. Their ability and talent don’t deteriorate. And that’s true in any player’s case as well.


A bad game does not define you. You have to have bad games for there to be good games. It’s all part of the game. Maybe the luck isn’t on your side, or simple actions don’t come off. It’s fine. As long as you move on, with utmost confidence and reassurance on your ability. 

How to Pick Yourself Up Again From A Poor Performance


After a bad performance I always use have a moment with myself. I self-talk. I look at my team’s performance, than at my own, individual poor performance. As I said before, I look at my preparation, my mentality during and before the game, and of course, key events relating to me that happened in-game. After taking that all under consideration, I usually have some answers as to why I had that poor performance. For the next session or next event, I make some quick notes before as to what I need to make sure I execute or achieve to make sure I have a positive bounce-back.


It’s all about evaluating your performance, thinking of some possible solutions, and then applying those solutions when the time comes.


Don’t let the poor performance bother you and drag on into the next session. You need positive confidence and a fresh start each time you head into a new session. Don’t dwell on the ball or be afraid to make mistakes. Play your own game, the rest will come.

Don’t let bad sessions take away your enjoyment from the game. Little set-backs won’t stop you from achieving your long-term goals.


Also note that poor performances can stack onto another a create a poor run of form. Again, completely normal and it’s important to not let your confidence nor your enthusiasm dip. Put extra effort in training, apply solutions to where you see fit, and play with freedom and confidence.


Use these negative moments to spur you on to improve. Get back on the pitch and improve! Make your game better and improve an area of your game.


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  1. Nancy says:

    This applies to other areas of life as well. We all have a bad day or make bad decisions. Poor performance should not define who you are, how you are able to pick yourself up speaks louder.

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