The 3 Most Important Attributes For Soccer Development Success

Building the Soccer Players of Tomorrow.

The 3 Most Important Attributes For Soccer Development Success

July 17, 2017 Off the Pitch 3

Ever Wonder Just What It Takes to be a Successful Footballer?


Let Rodrigo break it down with his selection of 3 attributes he believes any player must have if they are to be successful.

Let’s be honest. Football can be frustrating at times, with many negative dips in form and times where you lack true intrinsic motivation to go out to self-develop your talent. Many people will have different perceptions of what your level of talent is compared to where you think the level you play at is.

Truth be told there are many different ways to go about your soccer development; wherever your stage is.

However, there seems to be common attributes shared among the elite group of players who do seem to reach their goals. After analyzing their attributes I have compiled 3 key attributes you most have if you are to reach your goals. 


Let me reveal 3 key attributes that will maximize your attitude toward your development and help you refine how you go about nurturing your talent to the right path.

Passion is crucial for footballers.


1. Passion

Passion. “A strong and barely controllable emotion,” the definition of passion according to google search.

Passion lets you enjoy the sport as it is. We all know the importance of loving what you do everyday, and passion for the sport brings that out in you. Having individualized training sessions, having a strong desire to improve, and finding the extra step in times where you are exhausted are all results of having a strong passion for the sport.


Passion brings a joy to your playing style and allows you to express your ability as you wish without worrying too much about the outcome, but much rather the process. It is much easier to practice and train at something you enjoy than something you have to do.


The more enjoyment you have in your game, the more you are willing to sacrifice time and energy for your self-development. It is super important to have a personal desire to improve. Having a personal drive and desire to improve means you development not for external rewards, but for internal accomplishment.


Passion brings a much needed attitude to your game, and is undoubtedly a much needed characteristic to bring the best version of yourself.

Consistency can spark favorable results.

2. Consistency

Fear not the man who practiced 10 hours yesterday, but the man who has practiced 2 hours everyday this week.


Consistency is a key attribute even professionals need to have a successful career. Being consistent in your training sessions can be the difference in you coming out on top of your competitors. Having consistency allows you to build habits, which are incredibly powerful when it comes to soccer development.


Many footballers let laziness or a lack of discipline get in the way of their training sessions or their habits for success. Personally I have always had a strong determination, and have never much felt a lack of motivation  or energy. The attribute for consistency is very much needed, as it serves as a persistent effort that will pay off in the long run.  It is very easy to comply with your daily goals and your daily plans, but unfortunately it is very easy not to do.


Developing artists tend to have a journal where they gather daily sketches they draw. After even just sketching a small piece of art, many artists report a massive improvement in their talent. Martial art competitors have a tendency to practice a pattern every single day after they wake up; choosing to constantly refine their skill. Writers refine their writing skills by writing a short story every day in order to boost creativity and like I said before, refine their skills.


All of these are examples of constant refinement, and are example of the beauty of consistency when used correctly.


You can develop consistency in your training sessions, in your performances, and in other daily actions you may choose to constantly improve in.

Focus helps a footballer concentrate on their goals without external distractions.

3. Focus


I think focus is the hardest attribute to follow, particularly in the modern world full of distractions.


Focus in soccer is thought out in 2 different ways. You can focus in-game, and when in a training setting. I am referring to another type of focus.  a narrow, focused vision on your goals is the type of focus I am getting to here.


Distractions. Friends. Phone. Social Media. Plans. Parties. Homework. Study Sessions.

How is it possible to have such narrowed focus when all of these occur.


This is where focus comes in. Having a controlled life aimed at your goals is an optimal way to live your life when in your Soccer Venture. As you can see, it is very easy to go off track with the many distractions, but those who are successful find a way to have that narrow focus.


They see the long-term benefit behind that approach.


Of course it is not possible to have all the things you do directed at your goals. There will be times you will have to side-step or merely go off-track. I am not saying you should delete social media, quit school, and don’t go with your friends to the theater on Fridays. All I am saying is it pays off when most of what you do is aimed and is for the benefit of accomplishing your goals.


Focusing on the development and the advancement of your goals is key when it comes to soccer development. Wandering off and getting off-track with your goals is not the way to go when on your personal Soccer Venture.

Thank you all for reading. If you like what you saw, please make sure to share the article with your close ones.



Did I miss an important attribute? Leave it down below in the comments!




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  1. Nancy says:

    I love this article! I love the first sentence under Consistency. I agree that, in life fastest not always wins the race, rather, quiet, mindful every day efforts will get you there. This article is easy to read and applicable to everything in life. Everything I needed to know I learned from SOCCER!

    • roxana says:

      Hey Rodrigo I am your best fan wow i loved the way u writte this article and all the references u make her. I agree that consistency leads to achieve things.. if u allow me I will add also Patience… as Rome was not built in 1 day.
      keep writting more articles they are amazing. Your aunty Herby

  2. Ivette Erali says:

    Good Article! Really agree with those 3 attributes.

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