Embracing Competition

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Embracing Competition

December 4, 2017 Off the Pitch 1

Let me make one thing clear, there will always be competition; in all areas of your life. Once you think you have surpassed any possible competitors, life will always find a way to bring you more. Some people relish the idea of always having a rival, while other prefer being alone in their journey. Only one of those type of people, end up making it to their goals, despite the pressure coming from competition.  


Use Competition as Motivation

Competition can be used as a source of motivation for your development. It can have an effect on how inspired you are to train and improve in order to surpass or keep ahead of your rivals. Many soccer players get discouraged or demotivated when they see a player succeeding in their position, or performing above what their standard is. Envy can potentially settle in, and could cause you to play with additional pressure and tension.

Messi and Ronaldo Image

A classic example: Messi and Ronaldo. Some experts say Ronaldo would not be the player he is today without the pressure and the rivalry with Messi and vice versa with Messi. These players harnessed the pressure and let it “fuel the fire.”

You should always be at your best, in whatever situation you find yourself. However you may find that there could be extra incentives for you to pour more effort into your performances.

One of these incentives could be the competition pushing through trying to get your spot on the team. In a reverse situation, it could be you trying to get into the team ahead of another player. You should always have a deep desire to play with your best effort forward and with the best intentions, however, when you feel uninspired, always revert to your situation and the position of possible competitions.

World-class players are the ones who take competition as a source for drive and hunger. They see rivalries and opposition as players trying to stop them. These players don’t let the competition break them down or crowd their mindset. Excited about the prospect of having a rival, they get on with their own development and strive to become the better player. They don’t get discouraged or give in.

 They get out on the field and show everyone who is deserves it and who wants it more.

Your Only Competition


As I mentioned before, life will always find a way to bring your rivals. Everyone wants success as much as you. It’s how much you work to ensure it. That being said consider this; YOU are your only competition. The person in the mirror is the one you should be worrying about. Every day your single focus should be to be a better player than that person in the mirror.

You are your biggest competition. Focus solely on improving yourself with every action you commit to. By doing that you put yourself in a position of control. You control your everyday actions and constantly make decisions that decide what type of person you become. When comparing yourself to other rivals, you choose to let go of that control and depend on external factors. 

Commit yourself to self-development. Yes, there will be competition and opposition but that shouldn’t stop you from giving your development the focus it needs.

Focus on yourself, everyone’s progression and everyone’s time and moment comes. That being said, if having a close rival spurs you on and drives you everyday, by all means keep at it.

At the end of the day, everyone has different paths and different destinations, so make sure you divert your attention to your development solely.

If you are constantly comparing yourself to others read this article.


Competition Between A Team

Suarez. Messi and Neymar


Despite the negative sound it has to it, competition between teams is healthy! It drives and pushes individuals to step up their game to either:

  1. Make the team
  2. Stay within the team
  3. Keep their starting spot
  4. Remain in a position of status (captain, high-potential player etc.)


By having this competitive squad, there is a sense of determination, and drive. Higher standards are created and thus the necessity to be engaged and focused in every training session is created. Tjere is added pressure and nervousness around the squad, but believe me, that pressure is healthy and will make player’s determined to improve.

Raise your own standards, and your team will follow suit. Focus on yourself; the man in the mirror.

While focusing on yourself you give yourself control of your own destination. Keep in mind, however,  that there will always be a better player than you and that there will always be people in your way to your goals.

It’s how you react to the fact that there is competition, and whether you choose to break you down, or build you and inspire you to create magic on the football pitch.

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