Comparing Yourself To Others

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Comparing Yourself To Others

August 7, 2017 Off the Pitch 4

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

-Teddy Roosevelt

Just how many times in your experience have you wished you had the speed of another fast player? Or the shot power of another player?

How many times have your personally put yourself down because of other’s achievements, even though they are on your own team?

It’s the habit of comparing yourself to others. It’s dangerous, and can drop your morale and your level of confidence if you’re not careful.

You see one important thing you have to understand is that everyone has a different VENTURE. Everyone goes through highs and lows and everyone ends up in a different place than their competitors.

It’s important to keep your focus and your concentration towards yourself so that your development is not hindered.

Controlling a Ball in the Air.

Former Personal Weakness

I have to admit, I used to have a comparing mentality towards every one of my teammates and competitors since a young age. I couldn’t help but think about their strengths compared to my own talent. This mindset brought my morale and my attitude toward my talent to a low.

I did not focus on my development and working on my weaknesses but opted to work on the strengths of others to sort if play “catch-up.”

From my personal experience that I had a very competitive nature and I always strived to be the best player on the pitch.

 Since then I have shifted that mindset. I want to be the best player I can be, and whatever comes from the best version of myself will dictate my level compared to the team.

Ultimately over the years I learned to harness this will to compare myself to others. I learned many lessons of this topic, and now look to compare myself in a more healthier way in which I will explain in the latter parts of this post.  


Benefits of Not Comparing Yourself

There are many benefits that I could detect after terminating the habit of comparing myself to others. Contrary to the benefits, if you do or did compare yourself to others, there are a couple of drawbacks that could hinder your progression to the next level.  

You’re More Focused on Your Own Journey

Focusing on improving your weaknesses and refining your skills is key to efficient development. Stop concentrating on whether your teammates have better stamina, speed, strength etc. Everyone has their own rate of development and everyone develops at different times of their lives.

Focusing on yourself is very significant towards your Venture, as the losses or achievements of others do not affect your progression nor your focus. You’re focused on your gains or your losses and work to better them as a result making your Venture more purposeful personally.

Confidence Booster

The strengths and the difference of talents between you and your teammates at times can be discouraging. Remember that everyone has different rates and times of development. If you focus and work hard on YOUR journey and strive to be a better version of yourself then the rest will come with time.

The discouragement when comparing yourself is avoidable, and can be replaced with the motivation to improve and prove that you are on your own path to your goals.

Avoid Envy and Jealousy

One should never have envy or jealousy distracting them from their personal progress towards their goals. It can be very discouraging and could damage morale if you’re always so jealous of the person that’s better than you.

You always have to remember that you can only just focus on you. You can’t control how successful you are compared to other people. In fact, you should be pleased and happy they are succeeding and pushing others to do the same.

Work and better yourself. The rest will come naturally.

Both are different, both are developed differently, and both have different destinations.


The Healthy Way of Comparing Yourself

Now I want to clear something up. Comparing yourself can actually be beneficial, as long as their is no envy and you understand that you have your own path towards your goals.


Noticing the strengths of others can be good as a learning opportunity. Pay close attention to the methods of how they approach different scenarios and games. Perhaps you can pick up some different techniques or varying strategies that can be useful when they apply it. 

Admire their work. Congratulate them. Don’t be jealous or envy their progress but simply admire, congratulate and move on with your own work.

Draw inspiration from them. Be motivated to keep working. The more you work on yourself, the more results will come naturally. It’s just the way it works.

Notice in these methods how we are not becoming obsessive with their accomplishments but simply learning, congratulating and moving on from them. That’s how you should approach being comparative from yourself to others.


The Takeaway

It’s never good to compare yourself to others unless it’s in the healthy way. The potential loss in morale, confidence, and the distraction from your own Venture is enough to consider it a negative action.

Always strive to keep learning, keep improving, and keep being proactive in your development. The results and the effects of the work you put in will come naturally as a result.

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4 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    Not comparing yourself to others is a sign of maturity. It is a difficult habit to establish. This article reinforces the importance of this practice.

  2. Carlos F Tiscareno says:

    Increíble y fácil de entender la importancia de enfocarse a mejorar uno mismo sin sentir la presión de otras personas. También fuiste claro en aprender de las cosas de los demás para reforzar tus conocimiento y habilidades.
    Excelente artículo!!!

  3. Cristina Chi chi says:

    Hola, es muy difícil y me resulta complicado el hecho de estar comparando una actividad con otros, debido al hecho de que los “otros” son muchos, entonces, creo, que es mejor para un jugador como es el caso de Rodrigo, un joven deportista, pensar y compararse hacia adentro de si mismo, y aquí va a entrar en un juego mental muy poderoso, en donde visualiza sus avances conforme pasa el tiempo en que ha hecho deporte, y ha tenido muchos avances, asi como también retrocesos, lo cual es muy normal en una persona. Solo que con la ayuda de la mente poniéndola siempre en positivo, sus esfuerzos van a mejorar mucho, recordar: mente- cuerpo¡¡ Deseo mucho éxito con esta combinación. Besos a Rodri.

  4. Roxana says:

    Dear Rodri! the previous post I ve wrote got deleted..ay! but I just wanted to add that I love your article and I am so amazed by your maturity & talents to writte…You are amazingly strong in your mind!
    Indeed it is unhealthy and negative to compare oneself to others as every single human is unique and different, so how can we be comparable?
    I just realized that overthinking will destroy your happiness, so is not good to wish others life, goals achieved as they have put efforts and or luck to get those…and what do you know if they feel happy to have achieve them??

    I ve learned that if you dont achieve your goals means that it was not the right timing or right thinking or right attitude and or that you didnt put enough energy on it…but if You fail them You should try a second and maybe a third time.

    Optimism is the key in positive thinking!

    Looking forward to the next article!!!!!

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