Building the Soccer Players of Tomorrow.

Soccer Venture is purely a resource to kick start or advance your development in your soccer career.

Soccer Venture

         Building the Athletes of Tomorrow

Soccer Venture is all about creating professional and dedicated soccer players and providing them with tips, tools, and advice they can use to move forward in their soccer career.

We touch on the technical, physical, tactical, and mental side of the game which we believe is the foundation of what makes a great athlete.

However, we firmly believe it is the decisions of the athlete themselves on whether they have a positive Soccer Venture or not.

Anyone, even when in the poorest conditions with little resources, can be successful. ANYONE.

You can dictate what your conditions are, and make them work for you.

Soccer Venture brings that out for you, in a professional and positive community designed to bring the best out of soccer players.

Welcome to Soccer Venture.


Why is it called a Venture?

A lot of you folks may be wondering why Soccer Venture is described as a venture.

A venture usually does refer to an entrepreneur or a businessman starting a business or entering the investments, so why compare it to a development pathway or a career in soccer?

Let’s look at the definition:


Venture Definition

A venture is a risky or daring journey. When you are on your Soccer Venture, it is risky for these reasons:

  1. You might not even accomplish your goals.
  2. There will be times you will lose confidence, time, energy, or even your positive outlook on the sport.
  3. There’s a chance for injury.
  4. There are hardships to endure and negative experiences to surpass.

I don’t mean to discourage you, but I hope you get my point.

My point is that for you to be successful in this sport, like anything else in the world you need to have a PASSION for it. You need to be hungry to accomplish your goals and not let setbacks affect you. Like an entrepreneur starting their business, you will suffer losses of time, energy, or even confidence at times. It’s how you react to the conditions set out for you. It’s how you move forward.

Of course being risky is not all a soccer development is about.


Soccer Ventures bring discipline, confidence and positive moments in your life. They teach you goal-setting, eating habits, having a positive mindset and much more. In addition, you are playing the sport that you love and are passionate for. 

What Soccer Venture Offers

Soccer Venture offers a variety of topics based on Soccer. We believe an individual’s soccer performance isn’t just what happens on the field, but off-the-field as well.


Tactics are an Important Aspect of the Game

That’s why we cover nutritional information, mentality advice, tactical strategies, and much more when sharing our understanding.

Of course, Soccer is also played on the pitch, so you can expect proven, professional individual drills, physical development regimes and guides on your overall training.

We believe that the mastery of the fundamental basics is what sets a player apart from the rest, as well as their quick thinking and problem solving.


 Meet the Author

Rodrigo Tiscareno. Currently at the Whitecaps Pre-Residency Program, Rodrigo aspires to become a professional footballer while educating others of his professional development methods.

Starting soccer when he was 6, he started out with Mckenzie United in Calgary, Canada, when deciding to move clubs in 2014 to Foothills Soccer Club in the same city.

Having to go from winger, to midfield, to fullback, to eventually settling in at the center-back position, Rodrigo then went on to make several appearances for the Alberta South team, the provincial team at the time. Captaining the side for 2 years Rodrigo developed at his own individual pace that would soon  earn him the spot in the Whitecaps Youth Program, the team he plays for today.

Rodrigo gathers professional experience, and firsthand knows that it takes to become successful and reach your goals.

Expect more coming from his end.


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